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Quantum Computer

China Delivers Its First Practical Quantum Computer System to a Customer

The 24-qubit Wuyan system based on superconducting technology was built by Origin Quantum, a company founded in 2017 by tw...
Google home page on a laptop computer

Gmail Creator Predicts AI Will Totally Disrupt Google Search in 1 to 2 Years

The most popular search engine on the internet may be headed for some rough sailing in the next one o...
frustrated computer user

Why Tech Jobs Are Vaporizing

Almost every major tech company is experiencing a round of layoffs, even though most are making good profits. Many peopl...
rain forest jungle waterfall

How To Add a Stunning View to a Home, Office, or Apartment – Anywhere

What if you could buy a view and place it in any home? That is LiquidView’s proposition -- a stunnin...
Nvidia Broadcast App

Nvidia’s Eye Contact Effect Changes the Game for Video Content Creators

Nvidia's new effect adjusts the eyes of the speaker to reproduce eye contact with the camera. This is achieved usin...
student studying on a notebook computer

EdTech Developer’s Study Game Approach Aces Med School Testing Curve

King of the Curve combines gamification and social strategies to assist science students in scoring better on med school entranc...

2023: Year of the Software Developer

Software developers should be thrilled with this year's potential. Yoav Abrahami, chief architect and head of Velo at Wix Cod...
Aptera Launch Edition

Aptera Solar-Powered Vehicle Set To Roll in 2023, Lightyear Puts Brakes on $250K SPEV

Aptera, a developer of a futuristic-looking, solar-powered passenger car, has pulled the wraps off its first production vehicle, which i...
Police, fire and rescue first responders

High-End Tech Makes Its Mark for First Responders

In this article, we continue discussing technology's role in efforts by software developers and hardware makers to assist those agencie...
Generative AI

Generative AI and the Ensuing Computer Human Whisperer

Rather than people having to learn how to work with computers, generative AI-based computers will increasingly be learning how t...

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